Babaus en inglés

Vanessa Alanis narrando Babaus en inglés,
en Storytelling (Instituto Cambridge)

(Click aquí para leer el original en español).

Cuento: Anahí Flores
Traducción: Amy Thorne y Vanessa Alanis

Early in the morning, dogs bark on the sidewalk. Sofi can listen to them from her crib. Her voice husky with sleep, she whispers, “babau”. Mom wakes up and rocks Sofi in her arms. Sometimes they both go back to sleep.

By eight o’clock, Sofi says “babau” with determination and Mom knows that now, Sofi is fully awake. Then Mom dresses her, puts her in her stroller, and they go through the neighborhood in search of the dogs.

At lunchtime, Sofi says “babau” and Mom cooks puree. Sofi eats with joy; she likes to watch the two puppies at the bottom of her plate slowly appearing when the food goes away.

In the afternoon, Sofi says “babau” and Mom puts her in the stroller again so they can go for a ride. On the walk, Sofi falls asleep and dreams of puppies.

After her nap, Sofi says “babau” and Mom takes out  “The Babau Book.” It has lots of pages and pictures and they read it many times. With each page Sofi says “babau, babau.”

At sunset, Sofi says “babau” and Mom fills the bathtub. There are no puppies in the bathroom so Sofi prefers to take her bath quickly.

While putting on her pjs, Sofi yawns “babaaaaaauuuu.” Her voice comes out slowly, as she is very tired. 

The windows are open, and Sofi can go to sleep while the dogs from the street sing a doggy lullaby.


Próxima lectura: este jueves 16 de julio, a las 16 hs, en Tucumán 1483.

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